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“The Chronicles of Prydain” by Lloyd Alexander
THE EAGLE OF THE NINTH by Rosemary Sutcliff
“Tiffany Aching” books by Terry Pratchett
KING OF THE WIND by Marguerite Henry)

This is me, on my horse Dawn Treader.




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This is me riding Sherman.

About me …

Books are my life! In fourth grade I began to love reading and won the classroom reading contest. I have never stopped loving books. Our family moved across town when I was in sixth grade and across the country when I was in high school. On both occasions libraries were my refuge and books my best friends until I was settled in a new place. School vacations always afforded a great chance to pursue one of my favorite pastimes. Through reading I learned about the world, how other people live, feel, and think. I realized that others faced some of the same challenges I did. I also learned that people could be very different from me, but had valid thoughts and feelings even if they were the opposite of mine.

Throughout my life I’ve had a special love for children’s books. When choosing a career, I chose librarianship because I wanted to promote learning and serve my community, but mainly because I wanted to get good books to kids. I got my Masters in Library Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison where I took children’s literature from Gertrude B. Herman, did my internship at Madison Public Library, and got to read children’s books at the Cooperative Children’s Book Center. I have worked in private schools and public libraries ever since. My favorite parts of the job have always been book and reading related.

In my current job as the Librarian of Prairie Hill Waldorf School I book talk, assist teachers with finding the right books for their class to read and in finding the right books to prepare for teaching, create bibliographies for classrooms and individual students, tell stories, read picture books to the lower grades, and teach research skills in the middle school. I also spearhead our annual school celebration of National Poem in Your Pocket Day. On the given Thursday in April our students arrive to find poems all over the school – even in the bathrooms.

Horses are my life too! Yes, I was one of those horse crazy girls who had pretend horses, played horses, lived for riding lessons, read horse books, and dreamed of owning a horse. And, one day my dream came true! I was 27, and I bought my own beautiful thoroughbred mare who I named Dawn Treader – after the ship in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia book The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, of course! Though I don’t currently own my own horse I am still riding every week. Most of the time I ride a huge Hungarian Warmblood named Titus.

I have aspired to be a writer since third grade when I wrote my first story. Naturally, it was a horse story.

But, I don’t just like books and horses. I like art, music, hiking, travel, and spending time with friends and family.

I am married, have 3 sons, and live in Wisconsin.

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